Conditions of delivery

RWMO, s.r.o.
Olomoucka 1290/79
627 00 Brno - Cernovice, Czech Republic


1. Company Data

Trading name: RWMO, s.r.o.
Registered office: Olomoucka 1290/79
627 00 Brno - Cernovice
Czech Republic
Tel.: (+420) 548 141 811
Fax: (+420) 548 141 890
E-mail:, for orders:
ID: 47905743
Tax ID: CZ47905743
Bank: Raiffeisenbank a. s. Brno, 7412482001/5500
IBAN: CZ43 5500 0000 0074 1248 2001

2. Orders

We accept orders in writing (by mail, by fax, or by e-mail to the address: An order must contain the data necessary for the unambiguous identification of the required products and the customer, and for issuing a tax document - an invoice, in particular:

  • Order number and date of issue,

  • Trading name and address of the customer, ID, Tax ID, and bank account number,

  • Required types of products and quantity,

  • Required date and way of delivery, and place of delivery, if it is different from the customer's address,

  • Name and signature of the person authorized to issue orders, and contact.

3. Delivery Terms

The standard delivery term for the products listed in the catalogue of RWMO®, s.r.o. is four weeks from the date of receipt of an order. If RWMO®, s.r.o. cannot keep the delivery term, the customer shall be notified of this and of a proposal for an extended delivery in writing within 10 business days from receipt of the order.

4. Prices

All prices of the products (in CZK/piece excluding VAT) stated in the official pricelist of RWMO®, s.r.o., are understood to be delivery point prices. The prices of products not included in the pricelist are negotiated prices and shall be agreed in writing.

5. Delivery Point

The delivery point is the seller's WAREHOUSE, i.e. TG Drives, s.r.o., Olomoucka 1290/79, 627 00 BRNO - Cernovice.

6. Date of Taxable Supply Provision

If not otherwise stated, the date of provision of taxable supply is the date of release of products from the warehouse of RWMO®, s.r.o.. This date is also considered to be the date of delivery.

7. Warranty

Unless otherwise expressly stated, RWMO®, s.r.o. provides a 12-month warranty for its products from the date of delivery. Warranty does not cover damage caused by non-observance of operating conditions, unqualified handling, or force majeure (fire, flood, lightning stroke, etc.).

8. Payment Terms

RWMO®, s.r.o. sells its products for cash (up to CZK 500 only for cash), against a pro forma invoice, as cash on delivery, or against an invoice due within 21 days. The merchandise remains in the possession of the supplier RWMO®, s.r.o. until it has been fully paid.

9. Complaints

Complaints of the quantity of supplied products must be lodged within 10 business days from the date of delivery. Complaints of quality may be lodged any time during the warranty period, however, if possible, immediately after a defect has been found. Complaints must be lodged only in writing and must contain the following: type of product and its serial number (production lot), number of tax document, i.e. invoice, description of the defect, and the claimed product. No later than within 10 business days from the date of receipt of a complaint, RWMO®, s.r.o. shall notify the buyer of its decision on the assessment of the complaint and the method of its settlement.
NOTE: The claim will not be admitted if the merchandise has been purchased against an invoice and this has not been paid by its due date!

10. Packing, Packages, Transport

If the kind of packing and the transport of the merchandise to the customer are not agreed by a special agreement, RWMO®, s.r.o. provides dispatch of its merchandise as follows:

a) Direct collection of the merchandise in the premises of TG Drives, s.r.o. Olomoucka 1290/79 627 00 BRNO - Cernovice Czech republik
Filters of L, M, N, C, and S types have basic packing of corrugated cardboard designated with the type of product and the serial number. The other products do not have basic packing and are designated with the type of product and the serial number. The buyer is not charged any handling fee.

b) DPD delivery against an invoice or as cash on delivery (with an extra charge of CZK 40).
The merchandise is transported in cardboard boxes secured for the transport of fragile goods. The buyer is charged the following handling fee:
- up to 30 kg CZK 95,

c) Delivery is delivered via a public carrier (all deliveries over 30 kg) in accordance with general terms guaranteed by the carrier. The transport costs are paid by the buyer directly to the carrier. The merchandise is transported in cardboard boxes or in special packages on pallets. The buyer is charged a handling fee according to the total weight of the delivery, specifically:


- up to 50 kg CZK 150
- from 50 kg to 150 kg    CZK 250

(pallets are not returnable packages).

d) Delivery abroad by mail or via a public carrier.
The buyer is charged a handling fee for packing and customs clearance as follows:

The 1st item in an invoice - tax document
- to 30 kg - CZK 600,
- to 50 kg - CZK 750,
- to 150 kg - CZK 850;
the 2nd and any other item in an invoice - tax document CZK 50 extra

The transport costs according to the place of delivery and the carrier's rates will be added to these amounts.

11. Final Provisions

Contracts and deliveries are exclusively governed by the law of the Czech Republic. According to our choice, the relevant court is in Brno.

12. Validity

These General Trading Terms replace the previous General Trading Terms of 10/2002 and they are valid from January 1, 2006, until replaced by new general terms.


Issued 01/2006